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Tele-Health Service

We have the power to improve patient outcomes through the use of our Tele-Health service. Our home tele-monitoring service offers patients a way to monitor their own health and vital signs through transmission of data over telephone lines to a secure website. An agency nurse accesses the website daily to review the data and report findings which are out of normal range to the patient's physician. Because our nurses receive a steady stream of accurate and timely data, they can provide better patient care and improve clinical outcomes.

Tele-monitoring reduces the number of emergency visits and hospitalizations because of timely intervention by our nurses who receive alerts, helping them deliver the right care at the right time to patients who need immediate attention.

Our monitoring devices record daily weight, blood pressure/heart rate, blood glucose, medication compliance and patient-reported symptoms. Our service is simple to use, patients only press a single button to monitor or send readings. The custom alarm feature reminds patients audibly and visually to take and send readings should they forget. But if they do forget they will also receive a phone call to remind them.

Tele-monitoring works by providing early warning of decompensation, enabling nurses to head off a problem before it becomes a crisis. Second, it provides reliable and timely data for management and medication titration in diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Finally, telemonitoring helps patients and families manage chronic diseases better, providing timely feedback on missed medications and dietary indiscretions and focusing attention on subtle symptoms.

Our service helps to avoid the trauma of frequent trips to the emergency room as a result of quick response by our professional staff. Our close monitoring of patients with unstable conditions helps them remain at home…where they want to be.

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